Our Vision

Provide health information technology solutions that directly improve the health and well-being of healthcare systems.

Population Health Management Apps

Learning, Education and Gamification Apps

Infrastructure Applications

Highlighted Projects


mHealth & Telehealth Patient Monitoring Solutions

We have launched technology-based products that address key targets such as:

  • Stress reduction
  • Smoking prevention/cessation
  • bio-function /biomarker monitoring
  • Medication adherence
  • physical activity and diet that cut across a wide range of health care conditions

Mobile App & Website Development

HITS has the infrastructure to conduct the hardware creation, software development, deployment and maintenance of applications in a secure encrypted environment.

  • Apple and iOS mobile platform design, development and deployment
  • Android and Google mobile platform design, development and deployment
  • Responsive web design
  • Smartphone, tablet, smart watch and responsive web integration

EHR & HIE Interoperability

HITs has cutting edge solutions to advance the semantic interoperability and standards-based health information technology systems allowing for critical and successful healthcare reform within digital health landscape.

Social Media Support

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Communication Channels

Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) delivered dynamically via multiple channels. Communication, consent and survey in secure and HIPAA compliant environment.

  • Email
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Push Notifications
  • Redcap Survey Tool

Artificial Intelligence

HITs Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions is dramatically changing the landscape and business of the healthcare field. Chatbots that are fueled by AI, are becoming a viable service channel. HITs AI chatbots deliver a patient centric experience in which patients cannot tell if they are communicating with a human or a computer.

About HITS

Health Information Technology Solutions established in 2017 is creating a self-sustaining, commercially-minded technology accelerator engine within MUSC’s Foundation for Research for Development to change the lives of patients. The team is committed to reaching out and connecting with all innovators within MUSC innovation to raise awareness of the development resources that we have to assist with intellectual property assessment, software development, Digital Health, mHealth, telemedicine and marketing of technology. HITS is unique in that it has resources dedicated to funding projects that show commercialization potential.

Bart Yancey - Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder - yanceyb@hitechnologysolutions.com

After a 19 year career working as a chief business officer in an academic health center, Bart decided to take his experience in clinical, academic, and research business management and administration to the private sector. He formed this company to focus on developing IT and software solutions for healthcare providers, researchers, and institutions with a unique insider's knowledge of how health sciences and academic health centers function from an administrative and business perspective.

Bart worked at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) for 19 years, 12 of those as the Associate Chief of Staff working directly for both the President of the University as well as the Vice President in charge of research and academics. He also spent five years managing a large clinical department (Pediatrics) as Chief Business Officer. His role focused largely on business strategy and financial outcomes optimization for the institution as well as day to day operations of these institutional units. During his tenure with the President's office of MUSC, the institution became a top-tier NIH institution with more than $200M in research and sponsored program funding annually (growing by more than $100M over that 12 year span).
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Sachin K Patel - Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder - spatel@hitechnologysolutions.com

Sachin’s passion and foresight to co-found HITS was born early in his appointment as CTO and Director of Technology Applications Center for Healthful Lifestyles (TACHL) Systems Architect. He was a systems analyst for the Center for Biotechnology & Genomic Medicine at Georgia Health Sciences University from 2005-2009. He then went to the private sector where he was a senior software analyst and data scientist for TaxSlayer.com where he oversaw the efficiency of a high throughput, n-tiered data architecture. He has knowledge and comprehension in working with bluetooth technologies, RFID, machine language protocols and mobile smart phone technologies using IOS and Android program formats.

Sachin has led design, development, publication and licensure of over 90 Digital Health systems to facilitate data transfer from various remote monitoring devices to a secure n-tired server system where feedback graphs, charts and summary reports are generated and forwarded back to users via smartphone applications. Since joining MUSC in January, 2012 has overseen funding over $40 million where is had married his Big Data expertise acquired as part of the MSc in Bioinformatics from Oxford to population health arenas of mHealth, telehealth, digital health and healthcare IT systems.
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Scott Rogers - Chief Analytics Officer - rogerss@hitechnologysolutions.com

Scott brings over 20 years of software and healthcare expertise to HITS and has a passion for finding innovative ways of using technology to help people. After graduating from College of Charleston he started in the software industry working for Blackbaud where he helped in the development of their fundraising software Raiser’s Edge. He then moved on to a start up internet company, during the dotCom era, where he helped to take an idea for a direct mail website and implement an XP (Agile) methodology to take the product to market. For the next 15 years Scott managed, engineered and developed a medical triage software that was deployed in 5 countries and handled millions of transactions a year. Most recently he was the Director of Information Systems for a mail order pharmacy company where he interfaced with EHR systems of hospitals and health centers around the country to help get patients their medications and bring cost savings back to communities through the 340B drug program.
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