Bioenergetic Profiling Core
Bioinformatics Shared Resource (BSR)
Biomedical Imaging
Biorepository & Tissue Analysis Shared Resource
Biostatistics Collaborative Unit
Biostatistics Shared Resource (HCC)
Brain Stimulation Core (BSTIM)
Cell and Molecular Imaging
Center for Cellular Therapy
Comparative Effectiveness and Data Analytics Research (CEDAR)
Computational Biology Resource Center
Data Coordination Unit
Drug Discovery
Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting
Genomics Shared Resource
Gnotobiotic Animal Research Facility
Histology & Immunochemistry Laboratory
Lipidomics Shared Resources
Mass Spectrometry Facility
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
Proteogenomics Facility
Quantitative Behavioral Assessment and Rehabilitation Core (QBAR)
Research Electron Microscopy Service Laboratory
shRNA Shared Technology Resource
Small Animal Imaging
Transgenic and Genome Editing (TGE) Core
Translational Science Laboratory
X-ray Crystallography Facility

Research Cores at MUSC

MUSC has a large number of research cores that are open to investigators both within and outside the institution. These provide expertise and state-of-the-art instrumentation to support innovative biomedical research, ranging from basic to translational. Most cores operate on a charge-back basis, with varying degrees of support from the University, Hollings Cancer Center (HCC), Centers such as COBREs, or from College or Departments. Some interactions with cores are necessarily more collaborative in nature, especially when new technologies or approaches are being developed.

On this page, there are several ways to navigate to a specific core. A complete alphabetical listing is on the left and the same cores are also listed under the dropdowns above to show the supporting entity. A third option to use the search engine above, which has been developed specifically for research cores.
Please navigate to an individual core’s web page to find information on services, instrumentation, pricing and contact information. Several cores use the Core Management System iLab to handle service requests, some use SPARC Request or Calpendo, and others use simple e-mail. If you are planning to include core services in a grant application, it is very important to consult first with the Core Director to ensure the core can provide the desired service and to develop an appropriate budget.

Cores are overseen at the University level by the MUSC Cores Director, Christopher Davies, PhD, and within the Hollings Cancer Center by Dr. Steven Rosenzweig, the HCC Associate Director of Shared Resources. Cores are reviewed annually by the MUSC Cores Committee. The current membership can be found in the Admin tab, as well as other information about cores.

For more information about research cores at MUSC, please contact Christopher Davies PhD (at or (843) 876 2302).